Tire trouble and helpful people

I ran out of milk so I headed to the store. I didn’t see anything unusual when I started the car and left the parking lot of my apartment.

It’s about five kilometers to the store and I didn’t notice anything unusual on the way there. I even went to store and didn’t notice anything. Silly me.

When I came back from the store and opened the backseat door I noticed the flat tire. First thing in my mind was “shit”.

I tried to open the bolts but I didn’t have proper tool to open worned up bolts. I was giving up and started to pack the tools back in to the trunk.

Then some elderly couple came to the car next to mine. I decided to ask for help. It’s amazing how little things can mean so much. For them it ment 5 minutes of waiting and for me it saved whole day of work. I changed the tire and went home. I just wanted to say that it doesn’t take much from you when you help someone out but it can mean a lot to the one you helped.

Thank you.


2011-01-02 15:52 Re-published from old website