Developers Toolbox seminar

I was watching this seminar today at Tampere Polytechnic. It was fun to watch two rivalry friends to give presentations.

First Microsofts Evangelist told us about Windows Mobile 5 and how easy it is to develop software with their .NET tools. And then another presenter told us how great tools Symbian has.

But the most fun part was when VTT Information Technology was presenting us Agia rapid symbian application developement environment. Agia is the product of a research and it had some great points how software development should work.

When developing graphical user interfaces and software logic behind the interface it should not be difficult. It should all be about the software logic. The developer should be able just to sit down and start writing the code that makes the logic run. Not the interface in which the logic is running.

Many todays frameworks still are too complex to use to simply write the software. And Symbian is one great example where this is totally true. To put simple selector control in the interface you have to write way too much lines of code and other header information in several different files.

It got me thinking. Is it even possible to develop a language or a framework without making it tool dependant. I don’t accept any language or framework that is tight in to just one IDE or development tool. And this need for automatic code creation is difficult if the code is written with just plain old text editor.

Than again, we live in mostly object oriented world. I think it is possible to develop a framework which is powerful and simple to use. Even some frameworks we use today could be great if all the stupidities are removed.

Usability is not just for the user interface experience. It applies to everything.


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