Resigned from Tieto

It was finally the time, I resigned from my dayjob at Tieto Finland Oy. I’ve wanted to found my own company for quite some time but I didn’t have the courage to do so until now.

The dream behind this

This has long been my dream. Lingering thought in the back of my head. It has been seven years now in my head. This is actually the third time I’ve started the process. And only time when I went all the way.

The reasons behind this are quite simple: I want to be in control, and I want to produce all the things I have in my head.

Reasons for doing it now

My confidence and courage was finally in the needed level to make this happen. That’s the first reason.

I wanted to have someone there doing this with me. I’ve been searching for the correct person for all these years. Most of the time it hasn’t been that active. I didn’t put any ads anywhere that I was searching for a partner. I just casually slipped it in some conversation. If the response was good then I asked some more. I’m more of a technical sort of guy. Always concentrating on the technical side of things. Not thinking about money, politics and all that shit that much.

Money for me is a problem only when I don’t have enough to fulfill my dreams and ideas. Most of the time I don’t think about it. If I could buy milk and bread I was happy. It hasn’t been a problem when I was in a steady dayjob. And I don’t think that it will be a problem in our company either when we get it running. It might be tough for several months but I can manage.

Of course now I need to think about money, talking to people, negotiations, and all that shit more, and do all sorts of contracts, customer meetings and all that. But suprisingly this is not an issue in that sense any more. I’m eagerly waiting the challenges now that I’m this far in the process. Finding the correct person to do this with was the second reason.

What next

Interesting times are ahead. I need to get my act together, keep my feet down, and really make this happen.

It is really happening. I need to wake up.

When we get the company up and running, website launched and all other things in place you will hear more what is going on. About my dream.