Installing Ubuntu without install media

I had a plan to install certain linux distribution in our office server. Only thing was that I forgot the USB drive at home I was planning to use to install it.

I got the machine out of its cardboard box and booted it in Windows just to be sure that it worked. Yes, I was using off-the-shelf desktop machine to run the linux server. Anyway, when I was going thru my bag I realized I didn’t have any media with me I could use do the install.

But I had my Macbook with me. And Gentoo running in Virtualbox. No worries.

Just couple of steps and the install was running:

  • Installing DHCP and TFTP servers to Gentoo
  • Copying the netboot image to correct location
  • Bridging the ethernet port in Macbook to Virtualbox
  • Setting the client machines BIOS to boot from the network
  • Connecting the client machine directly to Macbook
  • Booting the client machine
  • After boot switch the network cable to internet so that the installer can get its stuff

And there it was. Installer running happily.