I’ve always been that type of person who starts a project if some idea pops in to mind. Most often than not I don’t finish the project but it’s not the finished project I’m after. It’s more fun to try to invent and build it. The main goal is to prove to myself that “I can do this”. And of course, just because it is fun!

You know Gyro Gearloose from Walt Disney comics? Well, then you should understand the compulsory need to invent and build all sorts of things. Only problem is that I don’t have enough time. When I’m working on one thing another idea pops in to mind and off I go. Most of the projects are working at some level, but none of them is finished. I don’t get that special feeling from the final touch. I’m after the good feeling I get from hacking some crazy idea. It’s more about the journey than the finish.

Nowadays it’s far more easier to get FPGA chips, programmable microcontrollers and that sort of things in your hands than in the early nineties. And it has opened a whole new world what I can do. I’m programmer at heart so I’m more comfortable with things I can put code in. And sometimes it’s fun to try to solve the problem with program code than with some other means even if it means more work.

The wonders of Internet bring whole new area of fun to the mix. Electronics and microcontrollers are fun to play with in the dungeon, but Internet provides a medium where it is easy to publish crazy ideas. And of course do something with the vast amounts of data available at my fingertips.