Toying with LCD panel

I have one project going on where I needed simple display and some keys to control it. First thought was to build that myself. Then I found out about this little LCD panel It costs 99.95 euros in local store here in Tampere. It is a lot of money for such a small device, but it would cost even more to build similar myself from parts.

It has USB and serial connectors, so it’s easy to hook up in a computer or microcontroller. First thing was to put it in my desktop computer with USB. The chip that acts as USB in the device is FTDI212 which is serial to USB converter. I have used that same chip in my own design for few years now so I was already familiar with it. And I had the drivers in my kernel already. The driver is in official kernel tree, so all you need to do is to enable it and recompile the kernel.

I wrote simple Python script to test this thing. I didn’t even read the manual about protocol and commands. I just wrote four lines of python and it just worked.

import serial

ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0', 19200, timeout=1)
ser.write("Hello World")

You guessed right, it showed the text “Hello World” in top left corner of the screen.


2011-01-02 11:54 Re-published from old website