My personal web pages

There have been at least dozen iterations of my pages. And each time the goal has been to design and implement the system, not to produce content. Which is a shame, and I try to improve that. I have tried to improve that for over a decade now.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of Internet. Information wants to be free and float around the globe. Internet is the ultimate form of moving information. It shortens distances to mere milliseconds. And every day it gains more bandwidth.

In my personal web pages I’ve been quite open about certain things. And try to be secretive on others.

Personal information is funny concept. There are always those people who want to do harm to others. And information also means power. When the general public thinks that information is shared in a need to know basis then the one who has most is the king.

Social services in the Internet have gained popularity and are still growing. Could that change the concept “need to know” to something else?

Think for a second what kind of world we would have if all information would be free and easily accessible. I hope it happens during my lifetime.